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Expert advice, effortless mortgages and insurance.

Life is complicated enough without having to deal with banks and insurance companies. Float sorts out that part of your world so you get the best deals without any of the stress. We have a team of brokers and advisers ready to work on your behalf and share their expertise. Whether you’re buying your first home, or investing in your fourteenth, a bit of specialist help can make a huge difference.

We’re mortgage brokers – only better.

All our mortgage brokers are also financial advisers – we seek to understand what you have, what you need, and what you want. Whether you’re buying that first little do-up, want to add to your property empire, or need a better deal or structure on your current mortgage, we know how to make it super easy to secure the loan and we’ll help you structure it so it best suits your goals.

Property investment

Float takes a big-picture view of your finances to help you get the best results from your investment properties. You’ll get the advice and guidance you need to grow your portfolio. From leveraging your equity to optimising your cash flow, you’ll earn better returns from your investments.

First home buyers

For anyone entering (or trying to re-enter the property market) buying your first home may feel like a challenging and daunting prospect, and not just because of the price. We’ll be with you for each step of the journey. We’ll answer your questions, and work out how much you can borrow, and how much you can realistically commit to repaying. We’ll also help set up your mortgage so it’s ready to go as soon as you find the perfect house.

Second-Home Buyer ‘The Upgrade’

Are you already on the ladder and ready for the upgrade, but not sure how to get there? Whether you’re looking for more floor space, a different location, a change of scenery, or a larger section, we’ve helped many clients to realise the next phase of their homeownership dream. There are plenty of things to keep in mind and we’ve seen all of it at Float. We can help simplify and demystify the process.


A home loan that worked a few years ago won’t necessarily work forever and it could be a great idea to get a second opinion. If you’re worried that what you’re working with no longer fits, or you haven’t heard from your bank or broker for some time, Float can help. We design mortgages to suit you, not the bank.


At the end of your fixed term you have a decision to make – and getting it wrong could mean paying far more interest than you need, or worse still, not having the long term certainty that you want. Our re-fixing services will tailor and lock in the best solution for you.

Home Loan pre-approval

Home loan pre-approval will put you in a strong position to bid at auction or negotiate with a vendor. A written pre-approval is an excellent indication of how much you can borrow to buy property and will usually be valid for around three months.

Get an expert on your side

Simply put, using a financial adviser makes your life better and easier. Not all banks offer the same deals. A financial adviser knows every banks’ individual policies and will know which one is the best financial fit for you. Plus we do all the work and liaise with the banks, so you can forget about being on hold, and instead focus on catching up with friends and family (or just get a few extra hours of sleep).

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