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Metia Lisati

Licensee Salesperson


Deeply proud of his Tuvaluan heritage, Metia is one of only 11,000 Tuvaluans worldwide. His profound cultural connection and core values have fostered his pursuit of excellence from a young age, enabling him to accomplish remarkable feats.

Growing up playing for the elite Wynton Rufer's Soccer Academy with his brothers, Metia soon embarked on a semi-professional league career while enlisting his interest in the retail industry where he landed his first job as a salesman at a high-end men’s branding store. The strong entrepreneurial influence at home combined with his own vision and work ethic are fundamental pillars that continue to guide his professional endeavours. Metia’s charismatic relatability and laser focused drive to exceed expectations has been pivotal in cultivating leadership roles like in Australia where as a young Program Manager in his early 20’s, he trained, interviewed and liaised with staff and stakeholders, before returning to New Zealand to lead and manage training regimes for new recruits at NZ Post.

A testament to his skills in real estate, Metia converted his first client before becoming an official salesperson. Evidently, he firmly believes that every client deserves exceptional service and a smooth, hassle free experience. With his unmatched inter-personal skills and results driven approach, Metia creates and nurtures a client focused landscape to uphold that belief.

His passion and drive is humbly balanced by his family values and his faith. Serving at his local church and enjoying time with family is one of his many sources of strength.

Metia's personal mantra is: "Whether you think you can, or you think you can't - you're right"
- A famous Henry Ford quote, emphasizes how much attitude determines success or failure.

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